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Gary Smith at Fortitude Financial Coaching, LLC

Manage your Money, Manage your Future

If you quit now…you’ll end up right back where you first began. And when you first began, you were desperate to be where you are right now. Keep Going! - We look forward to meeting you.

  • Book a Consultation: This is a hassle-free no obligation call to get to know each other. It gives us a chance to hear more about your situation and specific needs, and gives you a chance to see if we will be a good fit.
  • Create a Plan Together: Once we outline your areas of biggest need, we'll work together to create a plan to help you reach your goals.
  • Work the Plan Together: True change comes when behavior is adjusted, not simply understanding concepts. We're here to teach you along the way to help you reach your goals.

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    We look for clients who aren’t as concerned with a net worth as they are about proving their life’s worth. We are excited to work with families who are ready to take control of their financial future. We’re looking for those ready to pay off their debt, save for their future, achieve a dream, serve their community, or create a legacy for their children or grandchildren.

    Gary Smith at Fortitude Financial Coaching, LLC
    For•ti•tude - Mental and emotional strength in facing adversity with courage.

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